Ozone Boson Portable Gaming Mouse Pad Review



So readers you are almost at the end of the review, let us take a look at the pros and the cons of this mousepad: It is very portable, you can almost do anything with it, roll it up, fold it up, just put it between your laptop or notebook,… It is also multifunctional you can also use the pad to clean your screen or glasses. The non-slip base prevents the Boson from sliding around your desk in the middle of a gaming session or even when Google-ing something. The benefit of having a really soft pad is that it is easier for the mouse to glide around without sliding around your desk, there still is some grip.


DSC 0206


In comparison with the previous tested Ozone Ground Level XT mousepad the design is much simpler just black with the logo’s and name, while the other one had some blood spats or something. I do prefer the Boson with its simple and clean look.

Personally I find the mousepad a little small, but I can not consider it a con because it is a portable mousepad and that is why they kept it small, if you want a larger one, there a a lot more out there with Ozone. The real disadvantage I had is that the edges were a bit unfinished and a bit unraveling.



– Very portable (easy to roll, fold up)

– Can be used to clean glasses or screens

– Non-slip base

– Very soft for good glide 

– Simple black design



– Edges a bit unfinished and unraveling 


Final words

For around 8 Euros you have a multifunctional  portable sized mousepad, it is very easy to roll or fold up, has a non-slip base, very soft for glide and a simple but cool look. If you travel a lot and do not want to carry around a large mousepad but still want one, this is it! I do find the Ozone Boson deserves the Funkykit value award as you get a lot for only 8 euros.

  value award


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