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Yeyian Shift Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse Review

Today, we will be taking a quick look at the Yeyian Shift Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse. This unique gaming mouse allows for easy customization, from changing the mouse cover to swapping the mouse switch. The mouse features a resolution of up to 26000 DPI and 1000 Hz polling rate. In terms of compatibility, this mouse can be used with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems and comes with 6 programmable buttons. Lastly, the Yeyian Shift mouse has a 60 hour battery life and comes with two switch sets, KAILH GM8.0 and KAILH Silent.

More features include RGB lighting that can be changed in a customizable app and 3.5 hr fast charging with a type-c cable.

I would like to thank Yeyian for supplying this review sample. For those who are not familiar with Yeyian, here’s a little information taken from their website …


About Yeyian

Yeyian Gaming is a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge technology solutions for gamers, creators, and PC enthusiasts. Its innovative technology delivers award-winning solutions to the community worldwide through creator PCs, gaming PCs, monitors, computer components, gaming furniture and peripherals. Yeyian Gaming has perfect solutions to meet everyone’s needs from pre-built PCs to complete custom rigs and from high performance gaming monitors to next generation PCIe Gen 5 power supplies.

Yeyian Gaming was founded in 2017 in San Diego, California. Its philosophy is to develop innovative technology products with high reliability and high performance. The goal is to provide its customers with unrivaled user experiences and exceptional customer service and remain at the forefront of the gaming community.

For more information please visit Yeyian’s website.





Shift your gaming experience into high gear with the Yeyian Shift gaming mouse. Craft your commands, seamlessly switch covers to match your style, and enjoy personalized clicks with the innovative swappable Kailh GM8.0 switches. Ignite your gaming setup with immersive RGB lighting, navigate with precision using DPI Levels Indicators, and embark on extended gaming marathons with an extraordinary 60-hour battery life. Experience exceptional acceleration tailored for FPS enthusiasts, coupled with an ultra-fast 1ms response time that ensures you never miss a critical moment in the heat of battle.


Take control of your gaming experience by programming your own commands. With customizable buttons and intuitive software, tailor your mouse to match your playstyle, giving you a competitive edge in every game.​


Express your style with two interchangeable covers that allow you to switch up the look of your gaming mouse effortlessly. Match your gear to your mood and create a gaming setup that reflects your unique personality.​


Customize your gaming mouse to match your playstyle with the innovative swappable switch design featuring Kailh GM8.0 switches. Enjoy a personalized click sensation tailored to your gaming preferences.​


Elevate your gaming setup with immersive RGB lighting that syncs with your every move. With a customizable app, choose from a spectrum of colors and lighting effects to create a visually stunning and dynamic gaming environment.​​


Take control of your gaming precision effortlessly with our DPI Levels Indicators. Utilize the dedicated DPI Loop button to seamlessly switch between mouse DPI levels, adapting to the demands of different gaming scenarios.​The Yeyian logo changes color at different DPI levels.


Immerse yourself in uninterrupted gameplay with an extraordinary 60-hour battery life. Our gaming mouse is engineered to keep up with your longest gaming marathons, ensuring you stay focused on the action without worrying about constant recharging.​

Battery life & Charging time​




  • Swappable switch design with Kailh GM8.0 switches for a customized click feel.​
  • Up to 26000 DPI and 1000Hz polling rate for unrivaled accuracy.​
  • Two changeable covers to match your style effortlessly.​Program your own commands and macros with customizable buttons.​
  • 2.4G connection, maintaining a responsive 1000Hz polling rate.
  • 1ms response time and optimum Teflon treatment for smooth gliding.​
  • RGB lighting with a customizable app.
  • ​Pixart 3395 sensor for an immersive and responsive gaming experience.​
  • Compact design with only 80g weight for comfortable, fatigue-free gaming.​
  • Acceleration of 50g for a competitive edge in FPS games.


Weight 80g
Dimensions 105 x 65 x 43 mm (4.72 x 2.51 x 1.54 inch)
Compatibility Windows 11/Mac OS
Warranty US 12 | MX 12 | ES 24
Max. Acceleration 50g
Programmable buttons 6
Integrated memory Yes
Cable sheath Braided Cable with magnetic ring
Cable length / reach 4.92 feet
Power Internal Li-Ion battery 600mA, USB cable
Extra Features Swappable Switch Design (Kailh 80 million * 2, an extra top cover and a pull switch tool)
illumination RGB with 6 effects
Buttons 6
Plug and play Yes, Triple mode gaming mouse, wired, wireless (2.4 GHz) and bluetooth
Voltage 3.7 V
Stream 18 mA
Current type DC
Sensor Pixart 3395
Connector USB type-C
Switch HUANO + 2 Kailh Switches
DPI resolution 26000 DPI
Response time 1ms
Button durability 10 millions

For more information about this product, visit Yeyian’s website.


The Box and Packaging

The box includes the mouse, a detachable wire, extra mouse switches, mouse switch puller, an changable backplate and the manuals. Yeyian has made a unique box where the front is able to open and close usinga magnet, allowing you to view the mouse inside and giving you some extra inforation about it.


A Closer Look

The Yeyian Shift Mouse feels great to hold and has a defined click when pressing each button. The mouse is clearly made with good quality materials as it feels strurdy and also has a good grip. On the top and side of the mouse, there is a honey-comb casing, reducing the weight of the mouse making it easier to use.

Yeyian has included some very unique features and have clearly been innovative in their design. For example, you are able to switch the backplate of the mouse with the honey-comb casing and switch it with another backplate. Also, you can replace the two switches in the mouse by using the extra switch set inlcuded or using a third party set. This can be done by taking off the front plate above the left and right click after taking of the back plate and using the siwtvh puller included to pull out the existing switches.



The Software

The software included with the mouse allows you to customize what each button does and apply macros to the buttons. Also, in the settings tab, Yeyian has added the option to change the DPI sensitivity, pointer accuracy, scroll speed, firing speed, pooling rate and lift detection. Yeyian has also added the feature to change the RGB on the mouse by going to the RGB tab and choosing from the listed modes. However, I think Yeyian could have added more customization for the RGB.


Verdict and Conclusion

Overall, the mouse feels lightweight and great to use for gaming and productivity which is the main goal for a good perfoming mouse. The mouse is accurate and responisive and has great tactical feedback from every button.

The Yeyian Shift Wireless Gaming Mouse offers many unique features making it a very different mouse that stands out form other brands. I am very keen on the option to change the switch because it allows you to replace the switch easily if the switches stop working.

The software inlcuded could be improved further by adding more RGB options and allowing you to apply specific DPI sensitivity instead of only going up in 100.

You can buy the Yeyian Shift Wireless Gaming Mouse for around USD $69.99 from Amazon – LINK


Final words

Would I recommend someone to buy this? Yes i would! This mouse offers amazing features and has great performance so it is a very good option for anyone looking for a gaming or productivity mouse





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