ASRock Fatal1ty B450 Gaming-ITX/ac Motherboard Review

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The B450 Gaming-ITX/ac comes is a small box. It’s a typical package for motherboards in ITX format. Inside we will find everything required for installation and a couple of additional things. Box contents include manuals, SATA data cables, WiFi antennas, I/O shield, drivers and of course the motherboard.
The package is well described and most features can be found listed on the back of the box. I guess that most users will buy this product without even seeing the package but it’s still good to have all that on the package.

The motherboard’s layout is similar to what we could see in the previous series based on the X370 chipset. There are a couple of improvements but in general, the motherboard is not much different. Everything is where it should be. There are no issues with components installed too close to each other as it sometimes happens on so small motherboards.

The B450 Gaming-ITX/ac supports all AM4 Ryzen processors. We will use the 2600X for tests but it’s not an issue to use the strongest models from the line.

The motherboard offers 6+2 power design. It’s also similar to what we could already see and is more than enough for any gaming computer, even after overclocking. We will faster reach the CPU’s limit rather than we see any issues with the power section. What’s more, 2k Ryzen series can easier reach high frequency at auto/default settings than after manual overclocking.

The B450 Gaming-ITX/ac is well equipped. This small motherboard has everything we may need for gaming. Especially everyone who is building a portable or LAN party rig should be satisfied. We will find multiple fast USB ports, dedicated gaming USB ports with faster response time, fast WiFi and Bluetooth for any wireless devices and a couple of other features which are available only in higher gaming series. We have to remember that ASRock is still offering a higher model of this motherboard based on the X470 chipset.

Everything that wasn’t described on this page is on the specifications list. Many things are less important for the end-users but it’s still worth to mention that ASRock picked premium components to build this motherboard, the same as any other gaming or overclocking series motherboard. I mean premium caps, well-screened PCB, stable power section and many other things.
One of the really important elements is BIOS/UEFI. On the next page of this review, we will show you what to expect and what options are available on the B450 Gaming-ITX/ac.

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