ASRock Fatal1ty B450 Gaming-ITX/ac Motherboard Review

Performance: Part 2 and ASRock Software

The mentioned performance difference between chipsets also appears in VRMark tests. In this case, we can see it almost only in the easiest to perform, Orange Room. All other tests are showing similar results on all motherboards.

All results are pretty good.


3DMark Time Spy and once again the same situation. In this benchmark results are close to each other but we can still see the difference in the easier, Time Spy test.


ASRock B450 Gaming-ITX/ac has no problems to boost the CPU as it’s specified by AMD. However, during mixed load, it keeps higher frequency for a shorter period of time than the X470 motherboards. I’m not sure if AMD made that on purpose or not. It doesn’t change the fact that once we overclock our CPU manually then performance is exactly the same, regardless of used chipset.

Below is our result at 4150MHz using stock AMD cooler. Our CPU is not the best and about the same result can be achieved on all ASRock motherboards, also using better cooling than that delivered by AMD. I’m just saying that so our readers won’t judge the motherboards based on the maximum frequency which we could achieve on the CPU.


At the end couple of words about the software.

ASRock is providing a couple of gaming and overclocking applications. The handiest is the F-Stream. With the help of this application we can change performance modes, manually adjust overclocking options like CPU frequency or voltages, monitor voltages and temperatures and set fan profiles for each fan connector.

The B450 Gaming-ITX/ac has no LED lighting on the PCB. We can say it’s an advantage or a disadvantage, all depends on the user. All those who wish to add RGB LEDs to their computer can use RGB header and manage LEDs from the ASRock software. We are also able to control LEDs on some popular memory modules and other devices.

Depends on the device, there are available various modes. What you see below is available for RGB headers.


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