ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming ITX/TB3 Motherboard Review


The CPU overclocking tests were performed with the D9L cooler from Noctua. As I mentioned earlier, there was a really limited choice, and it was the only cooler which actually could be installed without blocking RAM slots. If you pick one of better coolers which are on the QVL for the X570 PG TB3/ITX, then you can count on better results.

The motherboard has no problems to handle six or eight cores, and VRM are not getting hot, so I assume there won’t be any problem to run the highest chips.

Our CPU overclocking result is highly limited by the CPU itself but also by used cooler. The result is not bad as most of the 3000 Ryzen processors are reaching up to their turbo clock.

On the other hand, we have no problems to play with the memory so let’s take a look at the results. Above you can see DDR4-3800 CL16-17-17 1.35V using Ballistix Elite DDR4-3600 memory based on Micron E-die. Below is the same memory at more relaxed timings and 1.5V reaching DDR4-4600 mark.

Both settings offer similar performance in games or daily work, and both are exceptional.

In the specification, we can read that he X570 PG TB3/ITX works up to DDR4-4533 and we can confirm that as our result is one multiplier higher. We could probably set a higher clock, but on our memory, it wasn’t stable. It doesn’t change the fact that the result is excellent and should satisfy all gamers.


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