BIOSTAR Z690A Valkyrie Gaming Motherboard Review


Conclusion and Verdict

Biostar delivered a well-designed motherboard which maybe isn’t problem-free but considering a hasty premiere, it’s still not bad, and everything can be improved with upcoming BIOS updates. It won’t make any significant difference for a typical gamer or PC enthusiast as the Z690A Valkyrie is fully stable and performs exceptionally at declared Intel settings. Simply connect everything, enable XMP and enjoy a fast and stable gaming PC.

The Valkyrie is a user-friendly motherboard that gives us various DIY options, especially various ARGB/RGB illumination adjustments via UEFI or easy-to-use software. The software also offers hardware monitoring and overclocking. With a strong power section, we don’t have to worry about our CPU during overclocking.

The motherboard doesn’t have WiFi or Bluetooth, but we can add any new M.2 controller. The WiFi 6E controllers from Intel start from around $30, so it’s not expensive, and we can always upgrade it when the next new standard is out. On the other hand, I was counting that the high-end motherboards are already equipped with the latest communication interfaces, where here it’s missing.

The Z690A Valkyrie is, of course, fully compatible with Windows 11, and there were no problems with the new OS during our tests.

The motherboard is available for around $525 in the Amazon store. At this price, it’s not really cheap, and we can find many competitive motherboards. I recommend searching for lower prices in other stores as I bet you can find a better deal.



  • High performance
  • Easy to use BIOS/UEFI
  • RGB/ARGB support and full synchronization
  • Windows 11 compatible
  • Strong power design
  • Various unique features


  • No WiFi/Bluetooth (available M.2 socket)
  • RAM support could be better / BIOS still requires tuning


Final words:

The Biostar Z690A Valkyrie motherboard will bring a lot of fun to gamers and enthusiasts alike. It’s a well-performing motherboard with a lot of interesting and unique features. Once all the small product issues are fixed, it will be a good option for overclockers and all those who like to play with advanced settings.

Biostar Z690A Valkyrie receives the Funky Kit’s Recommended Award!



You can buy the Biostar Z690A Valkyrie motherboard for around $525 from Amazon US –


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