SuperMicro C7Z370-CG-IW ITX Motherboard Review

Performance: Part 2

PCMark 10 is testing whole computer and is using popular applications to perform tests. Results are easily comparable on the Futuremark website and at least basic benchmark is free.

Results are once again as good as expected. Differences between motherboards on the same chipset are not significant. We can only confirm that there are no performance drops or other issues during the tests. If we compare it to any other brand that made their work good then we should get +/- 1% in scores.

The same situation is in 3D benchmarks so 3DMark in the latest version. Here you can see Fire Strike.

Our graphics card isn’t the fastest but can handle most games at 2560x1440px at higher graphics details. Considering current high graphics card prices it seems like the perfect card for the i5-8600K processor and also one of the fastest cards which can be closed in so small PC case as we used.

VRMark is only confirming what I already said. Performance of the C7Z370-CG-IW is high and should satisfy all gamers. There are no performance issues, overheating components etc. Simply fully stable base for your gaming PC. It’s about the same situation as with previously tested SuperO motherboard, based on the Z270 chipset. Supermicro cares about stability and won’t offer us useless features which are advertised as designed for gamers but in real, no one is using them or may cause additional issues.


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