Gigabyte P450B Power Supply Review

Conclusion and Verdict

I was unable to test this because unfortunately I have no onboard video or a video card that falls into the wattage requirements. You may not always need huge wattages for your setup.  So its great to see that power supplies come in so many different wattages. This saves you money and its great to know that when you have a specific budget to spend on a build you can squeeze every dime out of your part to achieve max performance to price ratios. That is where getting a power supply, that is at your recommended wattage, allows you to put that money into other areas. The P450B power supply is a great choice for anyone getting into computer building. This is a basic power supply but uses high quality parts. The P450B fan doesn’t feature a stop and the cables are not modular. The power supply is the motor of the system and most of the time you never even see it. Most builders try to hide the cabling even on the high end modular setups. So if you don’t need it don’t waste your money and put it into something else that will increase the performance of your system. Because having a 1000 Watt power supply when you only need 500 isn’t going to increase the performance of your system one one bit.


Radeon – Minimum Requirements Nvidia – Minimum Requirements
5700XT thru 5500XT- 550W RTX 2080 – 550W
R7 5700 – 500W RTX 2070 Super – 520W
R7 5500 – 430W RTX 2070 – 500W
RX 580 – 550W RTX 2060 Super – 500W
RX 480 – 500W GTX 1080 – 520W
RX 460 – 350W All of 16 Series


One thing and the most important thing to remember when swapping out power supplies, IS NEVER REUSE CABLES FROM ANOTHER POWER SUPPLY! I would even caution this idea if its the same brand. I learned this the hard way in my past learning because I didn’t want to re-cable a case and come to find out some power supplies connectors vary brand to brand. Here is good explanation of what I am saying. Luckily when I did this I only lost some lights because the power supply was semi modular and that probably saved my mother board and CPU. Anyways take the time and use the cables that come with your power supply at all times! No worries with this power supply because it is not modular.

You can buy the Gigabyte P450B Power Supply for around USD $49.99 from Newegg



  • Quality Parts
  • Silent Fan
  • Single +12v Rail
  • Flat Cables
  • OVP/OPP/SCP/UVP/OCP/OTP Protection


  • Not Modular


Final Thoughts:

If you are looking for entry level power supply, then look no further, because the Gigabyte P450B is perfect! There’s nothing fancy about it, but you get high quality parts at an affordable price. And importantly, it’s priced right!



You can buy something similar … the Gigabyte P650B Power Supply for around GBP £51.99 from Amazon UK – or at Newegg (US) for USD $49.99


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