ARCTIC P402 BT Bluetooth Headset Review

I have been fond of music ever since I was a youngling. As long as the music had a melody and a good rhythm, I was entertained. I even remember when I received my first portable cassette player and headphone set; wherever I went, my music went with me. The only problem were the cables. No matter how hard I tried to prevent damage to them it seemed that it was inevitable that they break at some point.

Thankfully, technology as a whole is moving toward a more wireless solution. In my humble opinion, this is fantastic and makes much more sense for many devices. Take our tablets and smart phones for example; Bluetooth connectivity has increased our enjoyment of these devices. Most Bluetooth headsets nowadays offer great battery life, range, comfort, and durablity. These headsets are popular for many reasons mainly to free up our hands to do other things while still enjoying our media or carrying on a conversation using our smartphone.


Today we will be taking a look at the P402 BT Bluetooth Headset from ARCTIC, who is well known in the world of computer component cooling products; and recently having delved into accessories and more. In an increasingly growing market it will be interesting to see the value and quality that ARCTIC brings to us with the P402 BT.

The P402BT Bluetooth Speaker from ARCTIC is only available in the black/silver theme that we will be reviewing today. And without further delay, let us begin the review!


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I would like to thank ARCTIC for providing the review sample. This is a snippet from what ARCTIC has to say about themselves on their website:

The increasing heat emission of modern CPUs and graphics cards has gone beyond the capability of most manufacturers to design powerful enough yet quiet coolers. An increasing noise level was the result, which had a negative impact on productivity.

A quiet computer is the basis for pleasant working conditions. ARCTIC initiated the trend towards quiet cooling systems for desktop PCs in 2001 and has given distinction to it ever since. Today ARCTIC is one of the leading manufacturers in computer cooling and has acquired profound knowhow in consumer electronics.

ARCTIC is a privately-owned company with its headquarters in Switzerland and offices in Hong Kong and the USA. ARCTIC contributed significantly to the development of computer cooling solutions, created a number of patented technologies leading to greater efficiency and remarkable noise reduction. Within the cooling industry ARCTIC is recognized for offering innovative solutions with a fair price tag. Our products are sold in over 45 countries across the globe.

Up until 2009, ARCTIC COOLING focused solely on cooling solutions. In 2010, we became ARCTIC with the additional aim to provide a comprehensive set of innovative consumer electronics and peripherals.  ARCTIC’s long term goal is nothing less than being present in everybody’s home. Our philosophy is still the same since the very beginning – offering consumers value-for-money, innovations at affordable prices.

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