Bit Fenix Flo Headset Review


The Front of the box is a red, white, and blue on black color scheme with the tag line: “Premium PC Headset Made To Move With You.” We get peek at the headset itself through a small window on the front.  The back of the box states: “Sound That Moves You” and “Combining studio-engineered sounds with a clean yet modern BitFenix design, Flo™ delivers the audio that you need at the PC and the styling you want on the road. Dominate your opponents and rock to your own beats during your victory lap.” The back also has several images depicting features and a detailed list of contents, specifications and certifications.




With the packaging removed we can see the Flo in all it’s glory, safely wrapped in plastic.





Once removed we get a better look at the headset, cables, cable diagram, and a warranty card. The first thing I noticed at this point is the SofTouch™ plastic treatment. It really does feel soft and it almost has a rubbery feel to it. Very nice!


The cables that ship with the Flo include a 1m mobile audio cable, 1m headset cable with in-line controls, and a 2m extension cable for PC. Here you can see the detachable microphone boom as well.


Now that we’ve had a look the contents, let’s take a little closer look at the headset!

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