Bit Fenix Flo Headset Review

Conclusion and Verdict

The Flo headset lived up to the expectations I had coming from BitFenix. The sound clarity is great for a PC headset marketed towards gamers and mobile users alike. It suits all tasks well. Regardless of whether you’re on the phone, listing to or making music, or just playing games; the sound quality is great!

The bass end is a little lacking compared to some headsets I’ve used previously but the other qualities of the headset make up for it. The microphone sounds top notch as well and provides a good quality sound in all situations it was tested it in. 

The Flo is very comfortable to wear for hours on end. No sore ears here! Overall I am extremely pleased with this headset. It’s a definitely a keeper!



The Flo Headset can be found online at various e-tailers for $69.99 USD.



  • Comfortable
  • Good sound clarity
  • Quality microphone
  • High quality construction throughout
  • Large earcups


  • Not as much low end as some headsets
  • Might be on the large side if you have a small head


Final Thoughts:

BitFenix has a great headset here. The only fault I could find was a slight lack of low-end bass. That’s easy enough to live with and the overall quality of the product more than makes up for it. This is a great mid-range headset with plenty of value. Definitely recommended!




editors choice



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