Bit Fenix Flo Headset Review

A Closer Look

The Flo is a very lightweight headset with a wire-frame headband design. The earcups are large and comfortable to wear. The quality of the individual componets is very evident upon inspection. Every cable comes with metal connector housings. The ear cups are on the large side and fit very well. Small earcups are a usual gripe of mine, but the Flo has adequate space and they are very comfortable to wear for extended periods. 



The PC cable extension has two 3.5mm plugs and one 3.5mm jack that recieves the PC cable. The PC cable has inline audio controls. The volume slider is very firm, and won’t accidentally get moved. 





The Microphone boom plugs straight into the headset with a 3.5mm plug. It’s bendable as well to get the perfect sound.



The inline volume and mic controls are on par with previous headsets I’ve used. The controls aren’t bulky or intrusive, and work as expected.



The next two images show the allowable movement for adjusting the headset size. It has approximately 12mm of movement for the perfect fit. 




I wear a medium size fitted hat and I didn’t need to adjust the size at all. It fit very well straight out of the box. That being said, this headset should fit just about anyone comfortably though it might be a bit large if you have a small head.






The sound quality of the Flo is very good for a PC headset. Sound clarity is good and the middle to high registers come through great. It is lacking a little in the bass department, but the 40mm drivers produce a very good sound. 

The mic sounds awesome on PC. The microphone’s sound is well balanced and came through clear when recording review notes and voice chatting over the internet.  

Using the headset on a phone was a bit impractical for me, as I don’t usually carry any sort of headset or ear buds with me. I did test it out for the benefit of you, the reader though, and I can say the Flo sounded great to the other parties I spoke to. No one realized I was even talking through a headset until I mentioned it after inquiring about sound quality.

This nearly finishes up our review. Stick around and I’ll sum it all up and go over the more prominent details when I give a final verdict in the conclusion.

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