Cooler Master Masterpulse Pro Gaming Headset Review


Bass FX On


Enhance the explosions, growls and other low frequency effects. Feel the impact of missiles destroying your shields or your character’s heart beating as you sneak around a zombie infested mansion.


Immerse yourself in a whirlpool of bass and never miss a beat.


Bass FX Off


Enjoy the natural sound of voices, effects in open spaces and clearer spatial orientation. Distinguish where the footsteps of your enemies are coming from faster so you can shoot first. Bring game worlds to life through your ears. You’ll never want to fast travel again.


Listening to music and don’t want certain instruments drowned out? Put the side panels on for a crisp, clean symphony of notes.


Well now to the best part. What everyone wants to know; the Performance. How did the headset sound, was it comfortable, is it worth the money? In regard to the sound, yes the MasterPulse Pro sounded fantastic. You can actually hear an audible difference when the pieces are on or off. I prefer deep bass and I have to say this headset has plenty of bass and are very comparable to My favorite Headset of all time V3 Prism. I was quite impressed with the deepness of the bass and how loud I could crank them without any distortion. With reviewing you are getting my opinion but trust me when I say these headphones sound great.

I did not find the sound card being built into the cord very exciting. All though I was not a fan of having the sound card dangle on my chest, the light weight and small size never really bothered me. I would have liked to see the card incorporated into the headset somehow. With that being said the card serves several functions and works very well. This headset was very comfortable to wear for long periods at a time. The suspension headband and the flexible aluminum frame allowed for great flex to keep the headset snug while not squeezing your head like a vise.

There we have it! The Masterpulse Pro brought to us by Cooler Master! Let us cover a few final thoughts in the conclusion of our review.


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