Cooler Master Masterpulse Pro Gaming Headset Review

Conclusion and Verdict

In conclusion, the Cooler Master Masterpulse Pro Gaming Headset is a great sounding headset with several audio options while not having software to control the sound. The RGB lighting adds a nice touch to the overall look of the headset and is nice upgrade from the previous version. Some people say I have a problem when it comes to RGB and I admit it I do. I absolutely love seeing lights as an option on any of computer stuff. You are limited to the preset colors in the controller you should have no problem finding a color to match your setup. There is no problem with me not having software to control my peripherals, I have to many running my stuff as we speak, not a huge fan of the placement but it actually never really got in the way or bothered me.  


The sound card works well and has built in enhancements that further the tweaking you can do with your audio driver. The only down side of no software is having to put the sound card somewhere and Cooler Master has theirs in the USB cord. . The controller was easy to get to and use while I was wearing the headset. All-in-All the MasterPulse Pro sounds great and has a few subtle improvement over the previous headset.



The Cooler Master Masterpulse Pro will be released November 8, 2016 and has a MSRP for $99 USD.



  • Price
  • RBG Lighting
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Suspension Headband
  • Sound is GREAT
  • Deep Bass
  • Comfortable


  • Placement of the sound card. (being very critical of placement as I would have liked to see the card incorporated into the headset but the sound card being on the cord never really got in the way)


Final thoughts:

Huge sound for a Hundred bucks. Sound that competes with that of a higher priced Headset. The MasterPulse is a nice upgrade over the previous version adding a few nice features that really round out the MasterPulse series. The MasterPulse Pro is a headset that really raises the bar. You will have a hard time finding a better Headset in this price range!



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