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Steelseries H-Wireless Gaming Headset Review



1000x1000 1I was testing the H-Wireless on my computer and I think you know how annoying it is to swap between different audio peripherals like speakers and headsets, you always need to go to playback devices and change it manually. Really irritating I know, but I installed a little program called SoundSwitch that lets you add all devices to a list and you need to assign a button on your keyboard I set mine on “Scroll Lock” as I really don not know what it is for so I do not use it. and when I press it it just switches to another device I gave up, so I can easily swap between my Steelseries Siberia Elite, H-Wireless or my Hercules speakers. 

First I want to talk a bit about the battery life, for wireless headset this is really important. It is really annoying to charge the device every two steps. Steelseries claims the batteries go on for about 20 hours, I must admit I did not count it however I was really impressed with how long I could you the H-wireless without swapping the batteries. I used the headset some hours at a time sometimes only a couple of minutes and then again an hour, and so on but I do think its around the 20 hours or even more. A big plus for me!

There are no wires to keep you down but there is the range, what is a little bit obvious Bluetooth or wireless devices have a range within they work. And I really could not complain about that either. My house is relatively big, but I had reception in the whole first floor where my room is located, only place I did not have reception was the living room actuality, a bit sad but there are many walls and much space between so I do understand.

Then about the sound quality, I will listen to some music and because it is a gaming headset play some games.

 DSC 0228


Listening to some music from rap to drum and bass, it all was very clean and clear (music quality), no noise or lag. An in terms of bass I could not complain either not to hard or exaggerated but not to low or to less, and that is in my eyes really important cause bass can ruin or improve a song. I really liked listening to music, for the performance of the headset but also for its freedom, I could just walk around the house with the H-Wireless and still have great audio.

Then gaming, I played the Witcher 2 – Assassins of kings. A game with extreme depth, sounds of the environment, fighting, the monsters and enemies making sounds from yelling to making creepy sounds dialogues between you and your friends, enemies, inhabitants of the city’s/villages you visit, go so on. So as you can see there are many types of sound in this game and in a game like a good set of speakers, a headset or headphone can really make a difference in how you experience the Witcher 2. 

Battlefield 4, this epic large scale multiplayer FPS a good sound is really important as well. In games like this hearing things can be life saving, and it is also much more fun and gives the aspect of “reality” much more. If you can hear an enemy coming or hear gunshots you know to wait a sec or not to go there. then in the outside hearing the tanks roll by and choppers/jets fly by is just awesome (or really bad if it is the enemy then you are mostly dead)

So that was it, I hope you enjoyed reading. Now let us review some points and get to the conclusion…


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