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Steelseries H-Wireless Gaming Headset Review


So guys that was Funkykit’s review of the Steelseries H-Wireless Gaming Headset, I hope you liked it and if you have any questions or complains pleas let it out in the comment section. Now about the H-Wireless, It is a great gaming headset with lot’s of cool and interesting features, like the Dolby digital sound, 2 20h batteries, great comfort, sleek design, and an awesome sound experience.

And I just love that the H-Wireless is (obviously) wireless, you can just go around the house or lay in your bed while listening to music from you PC, I know I said that much but hey! its the main feature of the headset. It feels really qualitatively, not cheap or so in any way, build quality is good as well I like that a lot, you do not need to throw it but if you have some respect for your headset I will go with you for a long time. But for 300 Euros It would be really bad for Steelseries.




Now on to  the Pros and the cons of the H-wireless from Steelseries!



– Great sleek design

– Wireless with great resection

– Long battery life around 20h

– Retractable microphone 

– Transmitter has a beautiful OLED display 

– Compatible with both PC, Xbox, Playstation and mobile devices



– Price, the H-Wireless is really expensive 


Final Words:

The Steelseries H-Wireless Gaming Headset is a fantastic headset, free from cables, great looks, compatible with almost everything (if not everything), a retractable mic that we accustomed are from Steelseries, 2 included batteries, and I can go on for some time! The only disadvantage of the H-Wireless is the price, 300 Euro’s is not nothing and therefore it may be outside the reach of many consumers. But beside that I really would recommend this headset, the freedom you have from a wireless headset is just awesome!




 editors choice



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