X2 Aurel (X2-HS7006) Headphone Review

A Closer Look

Now I will take a closer look at the Aurel.


IMG 2838

The packaging of the headphone is really well done, it comes in a thick paper cover with a box inside. I find the cover really attractive, black with an explosion/star like thing with the headset on top. Then some basic information about the product.  

                             photo 11

Then we have some accessories included with the headset: the audio cable, an airplane adapter, a 6.35mm audio jack and a carry on case, you can see below. 


IMG 2844

The “Case” is more like a sack, but its nice to have and it feels decent.


photo 4

Now lets take a look at the headphone itself. I really like the design of the headphone, its fully black with the ‘X2’ logo on the both sides of the ear cups, there is a big L in the left, and a big R in the right ear cup to show how to wear it.  The headphone is made out of a sort of really strong plastic but it feels soft what is great. X2 did a great job with the Aurel headphone, it feels stong, soft and is really comfortable.


IMG 2858

The leather ear-cups are extremely comfortable, and with the leather headband on top, you are really going to love it. If you have a big head you can also customize the headphone to the size of your head, by pulling onto the ear-cups you can slide it out, as you can see below. The metal used for the customization is strong so you don’t need to worry of it breaking of.

photo 7


Now lets get on to the testing…


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