X2 Aurel (X2-HS7006) Headphone Review

Testing Methodology

For testing we will be testing only on the PC platform since I feel that it gives better overall sound quality. We will be examining the headsets performance in Music, and gaming (on the PC)

Before running these tests, the headphones were properly burned-in, in order to bring out the full characteristics of the sound. This is done in order to allow the speakers in the headphones to burn-in since they often sound different out of the box. This headset was burned-in for 48hrs before testing for the review occurred. 



All music was tested at a neutral preset on the sound card in order to show what out of the box performance is like, I listened to a couple of albums in different genres, because I am sure no one listens to only one genre of music. So lets go listening to some music!

The first album I chose was The Marshall Mathers LP2, from one of the best rappers out there, yes you know Eminem! 

The most important thing with rap is, you guess the vocals of the artist, in this case Eminem. His voice was really clear with the headphone so you could really enjoy his lyrics. Second the music itself was crisp and clear, again i enjoyed it. The bass on the Aurel headphone is also a plus,some songs like “Bezerk” have some bass in it and this was very good not to heavy, but that’s a good thing else you can’t really hear the song. Something I sometimes get with my speakers.


The Second album I chose was Welcome Reality from Nero, its an electronic, Dubstep/Drum and Bass album.

With Dubstep the bass is one of the most important things in the songs, so I am happy the bass was good with this album, again not spoiling the song but neither too low or too silent. The vocals used in the songs were also very clear and the mids and lows of the song were quiet good as well. The highs of the songs were really crisp. In general I loved listening to this kind of songs with the Aurel Headphone.


photo 4




The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim:

A big huge immersive world is a great way to describe skyrim, the sound in the game is quite immersive as well. Moving throughout the Skyrim world was a great experience. And with the Aurel I could hear all the music, water, animals, enemies and dragons very clear this is a great plus. The fighting and the spotting of enemies was great, I could hear an enemy from far away, not that it was difficult to defeat them as my character is really overpowered but still its nice.


Saints Row IV:

One of the most over the top action games I’ve ever played! In this game its always fun to listen to the in-game radio and to hear the jokes of the npc’s. And one of the most important thing in this game? Explosions, explosions and more explosions, this is one of the most satisfying sound if you blow up some aliens.  And with the Aurel headphone you can really hear all the sound effects and the music playing on the in-game radio.


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