X2 Aurel (X2-HS7006) Headphone Review

Verdict and conclusion 

This sure wasn’t the first headphone/headset I’ve reviewed and it sure isn’t the last. it’s hard to find any weak point of X2 Aurel Headphones. It’s great headset for everything. Rich sound quality is bringing unforgettable experience no matter if you are listening to music or playing games.


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To great sound we can also add great design. It’s solid and good looking so all what we expect from high quality product. So I say X2, keep it up with making great quality products at a great price!

Lets take a look at the pros and cons of the Aurel…



– Amazing comfort 

– Great sound experience 

– Passive noise cancellation 

– Price 52 Euros is very cheap 



 – not really one to mention 



Final words: 

For around 52 Euros the Aurel headphone is really good value for the money. It is amazingly comfortable, you will have a great sound experience, and you won’t hear too much surrounding noise thanks to the passive noise cancellation feature.

I also find the design of the headphone really well done and its useful as well,  you can turn the ear cups for easy transport, its extendable and the ear cups also are a little bit movable. I really really love it!

For those of you who want to buy an X2 Aurel headphone, they are available on the dutch webstore Alternate.nl



10/10 editors choice


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