X2 Saturn 5.1 Gaming Headset Review

 A Closer Look

 Now lets take a closer look at the Saturn 5.1 Headset

 photo 1

Here you can see the Saturn 5.1 headset, its black with a red headband, red accent on the ear cushions and red LED’s on the ears. You can also see the microphone of the headset, Its a flexible microphone, something I really like but its not removable or retractable. For me that is a disadvantage, but beside that is a good mic.


photo 5

For the ear cushions, there is a pair of leather and a pair of foam cushions included. This is really nice. But further more about that. Then the cable is a Red/Black braided cable, I absolutely love those, they look good, are strong and don’t tangle as much as plastic ones.

The headset is comfortable on your head, thanks to the leather headband and either foam or leather ear cushions. You can also make the headset bigger by pulling the ears.


photo 7

The volume controller on the X2 Saturn is something very special, when you have the software installed you can control the front, rear center and sub woofer volumes on this little controller. I already reviewed numerous headsets but its the first time I ever saw this. The only problem I had with this was that I found it difficult to set them all on the same height, but I guess you need to adjust how you want. There also is a mute microphone switch and a red LED.


IMG 2901

5.1 channel headset? maybe some of you think its virtual controlled, but not with this one. You can clearly see 3 separate speakers, and this is on both sides of the headset.



IMG 2899

Then the ear cushions, Leather and foam, I am more for the leather ones but they are both included with the headset, and switching is not difficult when you know how to do so. I really like having options on all products, either ear cushions, switchable LED colors, special keys,… So this is a big plus for me.

Now lets get on to the testing of the headset…


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