X2 Saturn 5.1 Gaming Headset Review

Verdict and Conclusion

The X2 Saturn Real 5.1 Audio headset is a great headset, most ‘5.1’ headsets are 5.1 or 7.1 but then done  by software. Here there are three drivers on each side of the headset and they are adjustable with the volume controller, you can set the Front, Rear and Center channel louder or quieter and the bass level of the headset is adjustable too..  This is very nice!

photo 9



– Braided cable

– 2 Pairs of Ear Cushions

– Real 5.1 Audio 

– Controllable streams (Front, Rear, Center, Sub)



– Microphone not removable/retractable 

– Sound controller a bit annoying (always hanging in the way)

– Software looks old (boring, old look) 


Final words: 

For around 60 euro you have a real 5.1 audio headset witch is comfortable, has red lights and red accents on the design and has a gaming look. 2 Pairs of ear cushions a good looking braided cable and good sound performance.







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