X2 Saturn 5.1 Gaming Headset Review



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Ill be testing the headset in music and in games



Mac Miller – Best Day Ever (Rap album):
Mac voice was very clear with no noise or whatever. The melody’s of the songs were also bright and clear. The songs with more bass also came to their right with this headset.

Major Lazer – Free the Universe (Electronic album):
In this album the sound effects and bass is really important and this headset had again no problems with that, the bass in the songs was great and the vocals were quiet good as well, I did not experience noise or disturbances in the music. 




Battlefield 4:
One of the biggest shooters of 2013, 32 Vs 32 players in huge multiplayer maps, Tanks, aircraft’s, choppers, boats, bikes,… you are surrounded by moving vehicles, explosions and shooting. With good audio you will experience a true sound explosion.
Also if you can hear a tank or a jet coming form behind you can take cover, if not 9/10 your dead. Or the enemies footsteps, so you can react to that.. With the Saturn headset I had no problem doing that.

Assassin’s Creed II:
If you don’t know the Assassin’s Creed series then you really need to check it out right now! In this historical inspired game the voice acting between the characters, the surrounding, sword fighting, crowds and the music when walking, running,… is really important, Playing games with no sound is like watching movies with no sound, very boring. With the Saturn headset you could really enjoy all the music and sound effects in the game. The clashing of the swords, the running and jumping and the killing of enemies was really good and clear, so I enjoyed playing the game with this headset.


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