ADATA SE920 2TB USB4 Portable SSD Review

Today, we have something new for you – it’s one of the first USB4 portable SSD on the market – the SE920 from ADATA. The SE920 SSD is designed for the most demanding users on the go. Even though it’s a top-speed external SSD, it’s not really that expensive, so it seems like a perfect option for everyone. You can find out how it really looks, in our review.

Let’s start with some technical data and product features.


Breakneck Speeds at 3800MB/s

The SE920 features the latest generation USB4 transmission interface, with transmission performance of up to 3,800MB/s. Transfer of a 10GB 4K high-definition video can be completed in about 3 seconds.

*Transmission performance is an estimated theoretical value and actual speed will vary due to system hardware and software configuration.

** When using external storage devices, following the two  Windows principles of “Quick Removal” and “Improve Performance” is recommended. Please see link.

Press for Patented Active Cooling

Worried about heat caused by high-speed transfers?!

The SE920 features a unique heat dissipation system with a built-in micro fan. When in use, press down on  the case to activate the fan, increasing interior area for cooling and quickly dissipating heat. Press the case again to retract its shroud, making it easy to carry. This ingenious “active patented cooling” system is 10% cooler than fanless products of the same specifications*

*Thermal data is based on internal laboratory testing conditions. Actual figures may vary depending on individual software and hardware and testing environment.

Built for Seamless Gaming

The SE920 can also be connected to a game console to expand your storage. Loading times are faster than traditional hard drives, instantly improving your entertainment and quality of life.

* Actual loading time may vary depending on individual games and disk format may need to be modified before connecting to console.

** Please click here to learn more about external storage device compatibility for each game console.

Multi-platform Support Wherever Your Life Takes You

The SE920 utilizes a USB Type-C port, which can connect to different operating systems including Android*, Mac OS, and Windows, computing platforms, and gaming devices. The SE920 can transfer various types of high-definition audio and video anytime, anywhere.

*Mobile device software and hardware must be compatible with and support external SSDs in order to utilize OTG data backup and transfer functionality.

**When connecting a mobile device, ensure the mobile device supplies sufficient power to avoid transfer failure or data loss due to power issues.

***Supported Platforms: Please click here to learn more.


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