Crucial BX500 480GB SATAIII SSD Review

Specifications and Closer Look


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The BX500 is equipped with Micron 3D TLC NAND what can be a surprise when QLC NAND is already on the market and probably will dominate inexpensive SSD soon. The used controller is Silicon Motion SM2258XT which seems popular in new SSD. The only thing which is missing is additional cache what for sure lowers drive’s price but also affects performance in more complicated operations. On the next page, we will show how it looks like in real.

The BX500 SSD is covered by three-year warranty and probably the best support on the storage devices market.



The same as every other Crucial SSD, also with the BX500 we can use Crucial Storage Executive software which is really handy in case of diagnostics, firmware update or anything else. Above you can see S.M.A.R.T. read from mentioned software which is showing that our drive is perfectly healthy.

Below is about the same data in probably the most popular third-party software – CrystalDiskInfo.

The BX500 is reaching about 55°C during work while the typical temperature is about 30-35°C. That info you can also read in S.M.A.R.T. diagnostics.


Product Photos

The BX500 480GB SSD is in a typical SATA form factor and comes in a small box with a user’s manual. Not much more is required to install this SSD and enjoy faster PC.

Since it’s a budget series then also Crucial cut costs. The exterior of the drive is made of plastic what isn’t any problem. Once we install the drive then it won’t matter much. Especially if we install it in a laptop then it won’t be even visible. What counts in this case is the performance to price ratio.

On the back of the SSD, we can find a quite large label which tells us what general specifications has our drive. There is capacity, serial and product numbers, firmware version and used voltage. There are also multiple safety and compatibility certificate logos. Somehow I doubt that most users will take a closer look at this label but it has to be there and can be helpful.


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