Silicon Power A62 2TB USB 3.2 Gaming HDD Review

Nowadays, SSDs are already selling a lot better than traditional HDDs, but higher capacity SSDs can still be quite expensive. This means that there’s still a market for traditional HDDs, and these drives are still popular. There are many tasks for which HDDs are still fast enough, while their low price per GB makes them the most affordable storage devices. If we add a fresh and convenient design, then we get inexpensive storage, which should satisfy even gamers. This way went Silicon Power, designing the A62 USB 3.2 drive and how well it works, you can find out in this review.

Let’s begin the review, as usual, with specifications and features.



Would you like to save?

Is a question which resonates with every gamer, and with the A62 game drive on hand has only one answer, Yes! With capacity up to 5TB, the A62 game drive has been specially designed for gamers looking to expand their game libraries. Save up to 125 games without compromising your console’s storage. You can finally add that new game to your collection without having to forgo your favorite classics.

Game On!

Enjoy a seamless experience thanks to plug and play technology. Connect the hard drive to the gaming console and enjoy your games in a matter of seconds. A slim and lightweight design makes for a portable friendly drive, perfect for taking your games with you wherever you go. Save your progress anytime, load and resume your game exactly where you left it.

A Sturdy Playing Partner

The A62 game drive complies with the USA military-grade shockproof 122cm drop test and IPX4 water-resistance for ultimate durability. The texturized surface pattern grants it anti-slip properties, and promotes resistance against scratches and fingerprints. Save your games worry-free in this resilient drive.

Convenient Design

A sturdy drive doesn’t have to be bulky. The A62 slim body and texturized surface results in a device that is easy to handle and carry. Moreover, a convenient cable carry design will ensure you won’t misplace your pesky cables ever again.

However Big Your Memories, Store Them All

The A62 game drive comes in two sizes: In ultra-slim 7mm or 15mm with up to 5TB storage capacity. Enough capacity to store all your priceless memories with the stylish touch they deserve.


You can buy the Silicon Power A64 2TB Gaming Armor HDD for around $65 from Amazon –


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