Silicon Power BOLT B75 Pro 1TB Portable SSD Review


Performance has been tested on the latest AMD Ryzen platform which contains R5 3600 processor and ASRock X570 Extreme4 motherboard. Additional tests were also performed on a DELL laptop with the i5 8250u processor. All tests were performed in the Windows 10 x64 environment.

Let’s begin with the ATTO Disk Benchmark, which is one of the most popular applications designed to measure storage bandwidth.

There are two versions of the ATTO Benchmark. We could skip the older version, but it still shows the maximum possible bandwidth, so it is good to show where is the limit of our drive. We were able to reach 564MB/s read bandwidth on USB 3.1 interface. It’s more than most internal SATA SSD can make. Simply fantastic result for a USB drive!

USB 3.2 connector shows better write bandwidth which is much above that declared by Silicon Power. Again amazing results of 542MB/s read, and 492MB/s write.

Let’s take a look at CrystalDiskMark and some of the random bandwidth tests.

Again slower and faster interface on the same ASRock motherboard. I’m showing the difference mostly because not all users have the latest USB 3.2 controller on their motherboards so above is what you can expect of when your motherboard supports USB 3.0/3.1 while below is full potential on the USB 3.2,

Results are simply great. Even random read bandwidth is about as high as that of internal SATA SSD. It’s not a problem to work directly on this drive instead of using it only as a backup or mobile storage.

Below is a PCMark 8 test which is showing performance in popular applications and older games. The result is pretty good and shows that the BOLT B75 is well designed and has no problems with bandwidth or access time. It just proves what I said earlier so that it’s possible to work directly on the drive and it won’t be any slower than on the internal computer drive.


The BOLT B75 Pro shows some excellent numbers in our tests. I’m sure that all who are looking for a high-speed external drive will be fully satisfied with this drive.


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