HIS Radeon RX 5700 XT IceQX2 Graphics Card Review

Performance: Part 2

Some more games at popular screen resolutions.

Some more games and similar results, so HIS RX5700 XT IceQX2 looks like a perfect option for 2560×1440 display resolution regardless of the title. On the other hand, the same as all other graphics cards in the comparison, won’t be able to handle 4K resolution at higher details in some games. Even though the average FPS is above 30 in all cases, then we can expect FPS drops from time to time.

Just for comparison purposes for those who are interested in Final Fantasy XV, below is our result and all other cards from the benchmark database at 4K screen resolution.

This game is clearly optimized for Nvidia graphics cards and is not scaling well on AMD.

On the next page, we will take a closer look at popular 3D benchmarks.


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