HIS Radeon RX 5700 XT IceQX2 Graphics Card Review

Temperature, Power Draw, and Overclocking

In the specifications, we can read that the RX5700 XT IceQX2 has a boost frequency of up to 1980MHz. As you can see below, our card was able to reach 1988MHz so slightly higher clock than expected. The memory clock is at 1750MHz what is standard for the RX5700 XT.

At default settings, the GPU was reaching 58°C and the VRM 57°C. Both these values are quite low. What is also interesting, the fan was spinning up to 52%, so there is much headroom for this card.
The GPU only power draw was up to 203W. In the specifications, we can see up to 210W for the HIS RX5700 XT IceQX2 while the AMD reference design supposed to have up to 180W.

Below is our overclocking result.


The RX5700 XT IceQX2, the same as any other RX5700 XT, has quite limited overclocking options. The only way to make these cards at the higher clock is to set a power limit higher. In our case, the card was working perfectly fine up to a +40% power limit giving us 2038MHz in the Time Spy Extreme benchmark. The maximum frequency was up to 2080MHz in some other tests.

Unlocking power limit let us see about a 7% performance increase in benchmarks but also a higher power draw. The GPU only power draw went up to 278W, but the cooler had no problems to handle that. The GPU temperature went up by 7°C to a maximum of 65°C and fans reached 62% of their maximum speed.

We were also able to set a 1900MHz memory clock so effective 15200MHz. It’s actually maximum possible in the software. The same AMD and 3rd party software are showing a limit on the frequency slider.

The card left a really positive experience. Not often, we can see a graphics card so well designed with high overclocking potential. We have to remember that the card is already factory overclocked.

I’m sure that no one needs to overclock the RX5700 XT IceQX2 for gaming but can always play with additional settings as the card can easily handle even higher frequencies.


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