HIS Radeon RX 480 IceQ X² Roaring Turbo 8GB GDDR5 Review

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DX12: Rise of the Tomb Rider


The latest Tomb Rider runs really good on most graphics cards. Also HIS RX480 is showing good numbers in this game. FPS is always above 100 in lower screen resolution of 1080p which is still the most popular display resolution on the market.


Higher resolution results are also good but we can clearly see that this game is optimized for Nvidia graphics cards. Even older GTX970 is slightly faster than the RX480.


In 4k resolution situation looks similar so all is still playable with minimum FPS of 37 but Nvidia graphics cards are performing better than AMD. It doesn’t change fact that HIS RX480 is showing good performance in this game.


DX12: Deus Ex Mankind Divided



In Deus EX AMD graphics cards look much better. HIS RX480 is performing much better than the direct competitor which is GTX1060.


About the same situation is in higher resolution but here RX480 is showing even better performance comparing to other cards. GTX1070 is still much better but we have to remember that it’s also much more pricy graphics card.


4k resolution is non-playable on all graphics cards in our comparison. Regardless how much you pay, it still won’t be fast enough. I guess that multi GPU setups would be good idea if you really want to play Deus EX in 4k resoution and high details.

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