HIS Radeon RX 480 IceQ X² Roaring Turbo 8GB GDDR5 Review

Performance – Games

DX11: Grand Thief Auto V


GTA V results are at 1080p are pretty good. HIS RX480 Roaring is performing about as good as GTX980 which is maybe not the latest generation graphics but not so long time ago it cost nearly twice as much as RX480.


Higher display resolution and HIS RX480 Roaring is still holding strong at 59 FPS. About as good as direct competition.


GTA V the same as most other games isn’t playable in maximum details and 4k display resolution. Even though it’s already some time on the market, most graphics cards can’t handle it at so high display settings. After lowering details it will be playable on most of the graphics cards in our comparison, also HIS RX480 Roaring.


DX11: The Witcher III


The Witcher III is known to be really demanding game but as we see HIS RX480 is performing quite well. Over 50FPS is enough to enjoy this game.


2560×1440 resolution also seems playable but sometimes we will see performance drops. It won’t make any difference if we use competitive graphics card like GTX1060. The only way to make it perform much better is to use much more expensive graphics card or multi GPU configuration.


Since 2k had some issues then I shouldn’t even mention that 4k is way too much for all graphics cards on which we were testing Witcher III.


HIS RX480 Roaring Turbo is performing well is all games. Where it was too slow then also competition was too slow and I mean 4k resolution in couple of tested games. In most cases 2k resolution is more than playable with about 50 FPS in most games what is a great result. I think that all who decide on RX480 GPU for lower resolutions than 4k will be satisfied.


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