HIS Radeon RX 480 IceQ X² Roaring Turbo 8GB GDDR5 Review

Conclusion and Verdict

HIS Radeon RX480 Roaring Turbo is a great gaming graphics card. It performs great and have high culture of work. If you are not playing games then it’s silent. Fan is not spinning at all if card isn’t under higher load. A bit worse it looks when it reaches full load but that not often happens while playing games. Important is to update drivers to the latest version as I noticed that on the new drivers, RX480 is generating less heat and fan isn’t so noisy under load.

The only thing which I would change is design of the cooler. Back plate looks good but front side is more like a retro and reminds me older HIS graphics cards while new product is just asking for something fresh.


HIS RX480 Roaring Turbo is quite new card and I haven’t seen it available in popular online stores but I guess that price wouldn’t be higher than competitive products so should be below $300 and closer to $270 range. It makes HIS RX480 Roaring Turbo great option for all who don’t need 4k resolution to play games but still wish to run their favourite titles in high graphics details.



  • High performance
  • Well performing cooling
  • High boost clock
  • Improved performance per watt comparing to older series



  • Cooler ( visual ) design could be improved
  • No additional software, only basic drivers


Final words:

HIS RX480 Roaring Turbo is a great graphics card for all gamers who stick to single display and wish to play in the latest games in high details but don’t have budget for the highest graphics card series or multi GPU setups. HIS RX480 is offering great performance in its price and is clear choice for gamers. Additional features and high GPU clock make it only better and it’s hard not to recommend this card.

HIS RX480 Roaring Turbo graphics card is receiving FunkyKit Recommended Award since it’s an exceptional graphics card !




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