DeepCool MORPHEUS Modular ATX+ PC Chassis Review

Lately, the market is flooded with PC cases, so we’re going try and present you with one of the most interesting and unique cases. Today, we will show you one of the latest DeepCool PC cases—MORPHEUS ATX+ 

Even though, at first sight, it looks similar to many others, its modular design allows us to adjust it for our needs. It’s one of many features worth mentioning, but I won’t tell you everything in the introduction.

Let’s start with the specifications and key features so we know what we are talking about. Later, I will share my thoughts about the MORPHEUS.

If sticking to the same system layout for years sounds boring, the MORPHEUS is exactly what you are looking for. Easily switch between the classic single chamber configuration and the dual chamber layout with a simple switch of a few parts. Everything necessary to shift between the two configurations is included, as well as a vertical GPU mount (complete with a Gen 4.0 riser cable).
High airflow panels surround the MORPHEUS case from the front, right, top, bottom, rear, and even the top of the PSU shroud; there will be no shortage of airflow provided to the high-powered heat-generating components inside. High-flow mesh filters are included for the front, top, and bottom panels and will keep dust out.

Fan options are unparalleled, with the ability to mount thirteen 120mm or 140mm fans or go to the extreme and add up to six 200mm fans into the conversation. The highly modular fan rails make these configurations a reality.

The MORPHEUS can also support up to three 420mm radiators simultaneously. 420mm radiators can be mounted to the front, top, bottom, and side of the motherboard tray.
A set of highly convenient trinity fans come mounted inside the MORPHEUS: three beautifully bright 140mm ARGB fans are united into a single 420mm unit. The trinity of fans only require the wiring of a single set of PWM and ARGB cables, greatly reducing the amount of cable management.
The ATX Max form factor of the MORPHEUS case guarantees compatibility with a large range of components. This ATX Max DeepCool case supports E-ATX motherboards while also having compatibility for GPUs up to 480mm in length, 195mm tall CPU coolers in the single chamber configuration, and multiple 420mm radiators.
Save precious space on your desktop by moving the monitoring of temperatures and usage of your CPU and GPU onto the built-in display that is included with the MORPHEUS case. A simple-to-install app and an open USB 2.0 header will get the dual display up and running.
With four USB 3.0 ports, a Gen2 Type-C port, and a hybrid audio port, there is no shortage of devices that can be accessed from the top front I/O panel. There is also an LED cycle button to control the built-in ARGB controller, an HDD activity LED, and a Power button to round out the front I/O.
Add a bit of a personal touch with the fun rubber square bits! Included as a fun addition, the pixels can be used with majority of the mesh panels of the MORPHEUS case. Leave messages for others, add custom logos, or create your own 8-bit character!


You can buy the DeepCool MORPHEUS Modular ATX Chassis for $179.99 in the Amazon store –


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