X2 Eclipse Advanced Universal Tower CPU Cooler Review


Tests were performed on Intel i7 7700K processor at 1.2V what let it to run at 4.8GHz. It’s about the same wattage as you can expect from i7 6700K at 1.20V.

All tests were performed on an open rig but you can compare it to a case with good airflow.

Let’s take a look at test results:

X2 Eclipse is better than Scythe Kabuto 3 but is performing a bit worse than higher Scythe coolers – Mugen 5 and Ninja 4. Difference isn’t high and overall temperature is low. As I mentioned, these settings let us to overclock i7 7700K processor to 4.8GHz and keep whole PC quiet. Higher fan speed lets us to lower temperature by couple of degrees more but it will generate additional noise. It’s possible to keep 7700K at 5GHz if we get good sample which won’t require too high voltage.


X2 Eclipse Advanced is good enough to handle every available desktop processor on the market what includes higher or lower overclocking. Manufacturer is declaring maximum wattage of processors at about 200W what is about twice as much as most popular Intel series and most AMD except maybe the highest FX which are rated at 200W. The same maximum supported TDP have competitive products.

X2 Eclipse Advanced performs great and has well balanced fan speed what is helping to keep low noise during CPU load. I guess that most users will be fully satisfied of this product while more demanding users should look at the higher water cooling series.




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