Crucial Ballistix Tactical 32GB DDR4-3000 Memory Kit Review


Test platform contains Intel Core i7 5820K and 6800K processors and ASRock X99 Taichi motherboard with the latest BIOS/UEFI. Windows 10 Pro operating system has been installed on Crucial MX300 SSD.

Since other memory kits in the comparison were tested with i7 5820K processor and cache speed affects final results then we decided to use this processor for the performance tests while for overclocking has been used i7 6800K with stronger memory controller.


Memory comparison includes mainly older memory kits at lower frequency designed for motherboards based on X99 chipset. Memory IC isn’t much different than what we see in new memory series and even though some of the memory kits have over a year then are still available in stores.


AIDA64 Memory and Cache Benchmark


AIDA64 is a great tool to measure memory and cache performance. We are focusing on the memory read, write and copy as the most important to compare memory kits performance.

Crucial Ballistix Tactical is the fastest memory kit in our comparison but is also the one with the highest frequency the same as Kingston HyperX Predator which has similar declared specification but different build as is single rank memory kit while Crucial is dual rank. There you can see that little performance gain.


MaxxMem v1.99


AIDA64 is showing multi-threaded memory performance while some applications are still using single thread and for these tests we can use MaxxMem Preview benchmark.

The Ballistix Tactical is next time the best but we can see that all results are quite close to each other. It simply means that memory access time and fast cache are good enough if we are not using much RAM.


HyperPi 32M


HyperPi 32M is great to test memory kits as it’s showing how memory is helping in processor calculations. Higher memory performance not always means higher frequency but in this case quite low access time and higher memory frequency gave the best results. Also memory build affects time in HyperPi. Dual rank Crucial memory is couple of seconds faster than the second in line Kingston HyperX.


Cinebench R15


In Cinebench we can see similar scenario. There are no big differences between memory kits but Crucial Ballistix Tactical memory is the best in our comparison. 




PCMark 8 is a whole system benchmark which is using popular applications to measure computer’s performance. We can of course see the difference between memory kits in this benchmark but it’s not significant and your experience won’t change much regardless of used memory kit. However it’s still better to buy higher frequency memory as other applications are using its speed and some memory kits are in similar price at higher and lower frequency.


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