Thermaltake Toughram RGB DDR4 3200MHz (16GBx2) 32GB Memory Review

Conclusion and Verdict

My first impression of the RAM is, wow this RAM has some serious weight. The solid feel really give me the feeling that this RAM will stay cool and be very durable. The overall look of the RAM was also note worthy. The chrome accents are extremely polished and pair nicely with the black brushed aluminum looked of the heat spreaders. The RGB area has a diffused plastic covering so you can kind of anticipate the look the of the RGB. The RGB in fact has a smooth, soothing effect. The light shines through but doesn’t blind you like a laser. There are a total of  10 addressable LED’s and as you can see the the software allows your imagination to run wild. The possibilities are endless thanks to Neon Maker.


Now for the performance results. The RAM achieved advertised XMP speeds on my B550 board. I did’t try to exceed these speeds. I have seen a lot of RAM capable of overclocking past the XMP but these gains are minimal, most of the time, and for the performance increase you get, the instability and damage you can cause isn’t worth taking the RAM past the advertised speeds. Timings on the other hand can safely can try and be tightened to get a little more out of your RAM! Just be prepared to clear the CMOS cause incorrect timings can cause your system not to post. But wont damage your RAM like increasing the Volts and Frequencies. With that being said, this a great performing RAM. The speeds are what I expected and the XMP worked flawlessly even though my motherboard wasn’t officially supported by Thermaltake.


Lastly, the price. The price is higher than a lot of the RAM with similar specs. 180 bucks isn’t cheap. So I started to analyze the price and determine what’s included in the higher price. If all you are concerned about is LED’s than the cheapest you can find with similar specs is going to cost you around 120 bucks. The difference between the two really stood out, even in the pictures the cheaper ram didn’t even come close to the lighting options you get with the Toughram. You get all the befits of this RAM being able to be customized in the RGB software. Heatsinks, are on another level. The Toughram has this name for a reason. It is some of the heaviest RAM I have handled to date.

The aluminum spreaders are not flimsy or paper thin. These heatsinks are solid and dissipate the heat like a solid piece of aluminum should. You may be able to find a cheaper set of RAM but you will loose a few of the benefits I just mentioned. So if you have few extra bucks these are a solid contender. They just aren’t going to be the cheapest you can find.

You can buy the Thermaltake Toughram RGB DDR4 3200MHz (16GBx2) 32GB Memory for around USD $179 from Amazon –



  • RGB
  • Heavy Duty Heat Spreaders
  • Motherboard RGB Sync Capable
  • RGB fully Customizable via Software
  • Performance is Great
  • Worked on new B550 chipset
  • Warranty
  • Temperature Node
  • Software to Monitor Real Time Performance of the RAM


  • Not Cheap


Final thoughts:

Toughram is Thermaltakes introduction into Memory and from the two sets I have covered I am excited to see where they can take this in the future. The Toughram RGB performs just as well as it looks and trust me they look amazing!



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