Thermaltake Toughram RGB DDR4 3200MHz (16GBx2) 32GB Memory Review

Today we get to show you another Toughram product from Thermaltake! We have the Thermaltake Toughram RGB DDR4 3200MHz and we will testing this RAM on a Gigabyte B550 Aorus Pro motherboard. Now this particular motherboard is not on Thermaltakes Support list. We are going to give them a run on this model. If you remember I tested the Toughram White 16GB 4000MHz a while back and while that RAM wasn’t on the supported list I was able to use that RAM at 4000MHz on that same motherboard using XMP and had no issues what so ever. That has been the highest memory frequency I have used with my 3700X. These reviews in no way change Thermaltakes Support List and I cannot guarantee that they will work as well for you as they did for me. Thermaltakes support list is there for us to verify the product we are buying will in fact work, no issues what so ever, with a supported motherboard. If you get this RAM and decide to use it with a board outside of that list you run the risk of encountering issues running the RAM at advertised speeds. With that being said this RAM worked perfectly fine on my B550 board!

If you are unfamiliar with Toughram let me bring up to speed. Introduced in Early 2020, TOUGHRAM comes in both RGB and non-RGB memory module kits, features high-frequencies and are designed with an exclusive TOUGHRAM software to monitor the real-time temperature, frequency, and performance of RAM modules. In addition, TOUGHRAM RGB DDR4 Series Memory Kits can adjust lighting mode via TOUGHRAM software and is able to synchronize with TT RGB Plus compatible components to maximize RGB lighting for a vivid ecosystem. Now I was thoroughly impressed with the compatibility of the Toughram White 4000MHz on the B550. Now lets see how the Toughram RGB 3200MHz will perform!



Built with the highest quality of components to the highest of standards, the TOUGHRAM RGB delivers outstanding gaming performance with stunning RGB lighting maximized for effortless sync with your RGB ecosystem. The TOUGHRAM RGB incorporates the new Hynix-A die chip which has been strictly selected and extended to 2GB capacity for each IC. It’s exquisite brushed aluminum heat spreader delivers exceptional heat dissipation to meet high-performance needs. With 10 super-bright addressable LEDs, TOUGHRAM RGB presents 16.8M full spectrum RGB color to bring your gaming system to life. Meanwhile, TOUGHRAM RGB allows you to synchronize your TT RGB PLUS compatible products to create a RGB ecosystem that is truly unique to you.

I would like to thank Thermaltake Premium for providing the review sample. This is what Thermaltake Premium has to say about themselves on their website:

TT, the most comprehensive liquid-cooling and modding online shopping experience. The platform is designed to provide exceptional high-end products and services to customers worldwide. Thermaltake TT Premium includes several case modding products that support VR (Virtual Reality) gaming systems. Thermaltake TT Premium is the best high-end liquid cooling and case modding solutions shopping platform that provides client-tailored services and secure processing, to meet all user expectations. All products follow Thermaltake’s core values of Excellent Quality, Unique Design, Diverse Combinations, and Boundless Creativity. Thermaltake TT Premium has expanded its footprint to over 100 countries and territories by creating a seamless network connecting 5 major markets; the United States, Europe, Australia, Taiwan, and China (will be online in April) of seamless networking.

Official website:
TT Premium Global –
TT Premium Europe –
TT Premium Australia –
TT Premium Taiwan –
TT Premium China –


OK let’s get down to business and start with the Features and Specs of the Thermaltake Toughram RGB DDR4 3200MHz (16GBx2) 32GB. You can buy the Thermaltake Toughram RGB DDR4 3200MHz (16GBx2) 32GB Memory for around USD $179 from Amazon –


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