Gamdias Hermes P2 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review

Main Review (Part 2)

After the lighting tab, you get a page letting you customize keys to start a timer or play a sound. I’m not really sure why you would need this option but it is here if you want to use it.

The next tab is where you go to customize and record the sounds that play in the previously mentioned timer or alarm. Once again I’m not sure why you need it but I’m all for extra features so it’s here if you need to use it.


After that page, you have the page meant for customizing the timer that can be sett with your chosen key.  For something as simple as a timer you can customize a lot like where on the screen the timer will show up or what sound will play.

While I love all of the customization Gamdias gives you I feel like both this and the previous page could be fit into submenus on the “Assign sounds and timers” page but you do get a ton of customization and that’s always a huge plus.


And that just about covers the entirety of the Hera software. Overall I do love the massive amounts of customization this software gives you but none of that matters if the software won’t work like it does on my main gaming PC. I do also wish Gamdias did a better job at explaining everything this software could do.

Ultimately I rate the software 3.5/5 since it’s great when and if it works but I ran into a few issues with things not working as well as just being difficult to navigate.

Hopefully, Gamdias can fix the issues I mentioned here because with everything this software lets you do it honestly has the potential of being a 5/5 software but it just isn’t yet due to the previously talked about issues.


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