Gamdias Hermes P2 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review

Final Score and Conclusion

I really like the Hermes P2 and it does just about everything a gaming keyboard should but at $149 MSRP (I found it a little cheaper on it also doesn’t do much different from all of the other similarly priced gaming keyboards so I wish it was just a slight bit cheaper to really be competitive in the market.

With that said it is still a great keyboard with a lot of features that feels great to type and game on, and a ton of customization through the Hera software when it works.

A few improvements I recommend is fixing the software to ensure that it works on all systems since a lot of this keyboards strengths are tied to being able to use the software and making the software easier to use in general or at least explain the software better because the Hera software is powerful and there are a ton of things it lets you do but I feel like most people will never discover a lot of things do to the confusing interface  and generally poor layout.

But ultimately even at the uncompetitive MSRP you won’t be disappointed since the P2 is still a solidly made keyboard with some of the best durability I’ve ever seen and provided you can get the software working there’s a ton of customization options for you to mess around with, you just may have to do a bit of digging before you find them all.

I rate the Gamdias Hermes P2 4/5 for being a great and solid well-performing keyboard with a glitchy confusing software and noncompetitive price tag dragging it down. I do recommend this keyboard for gamers or typist but I’d recommend it even more if you find it on sale for the $120 or below price range.



  • Amazing durability.
  • Optical key switches.
  • Key switches that feel nearly identical to Cherry ones.
  • Great tactile feedback during gaming and typing.
  • Braided cable.
  • Travel distance that isn’t too long or too short.
  • Repositioned windows key.
  • Fully programmable per-key lighting.
  • N key rollover to prevent ghosting.
  • Volume scroll wheel.
  • Replaceable keycaps.
  • Included wrist rest
  • Extremely powerful and customizable software…



  • …When the software works.
  • Keys not lighting up when selecting them in software.
  • Generally confusing software.
  • Wrist rest isn’t padded.
  • Inability to use custom lighting with animations.



  • Priced the same as other bigger named keyboards without doing much to be better.
  • Wrist rest isn’t removable.


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