Gamdias Hermes P2 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review

Lighting animations

Here are all of the possible lighting animations for the P2 keyboard.


Sound while typing

In the audio file below I demonstrate the sound of the P2 while typing. The P2 that I’m reviewing does use Gamdias own version of Blue switches which have a tactile and audible click so they may seem loud but the P2 comes in other variants if you’d rather have a quieter typing experience. I will note that even though this keyboard is fairly loud I couldn’t hear it while gaming and using a headset.



Performance while typing

During testing that included using this as my daily keyboard and typing this entire review on the P2, I never had any issues with the typing performance of this keyboard. The keys are all tactile and sturdy and typing provides a satisfying click when keys are pressed. The wrist rest also helped make typing comfortable even after a few hours of constant use. During a WPM test, I scored 40WPM with around %95 accuracy which puts me right around my average so you shouldn’t have any issues with a loss in performance when using this keyboard for typing.

Overall I was really pleased with how well this keyboard did for normal everyday typing. I would definitely recommend this keyboard if you do a lot of typing or blogging. Just keep in mind that the Blue switches are a bit noisier than other switches so maybe leave this out of the classroom or office if you go with the blue switches unless you want people staring at you.



Performance while gaming

The P2 handles gaming great just like a keyboard of this price should. I played through pretty much the entirety of Singularity (an older FPS game) as well as some Fortnite to test this keyboard during gaming and it’s a great keyboard to use.

The key travel isn’t super long so rapidly pressing keys is no issue and the extremely tactile feedback lets you know exactly when a key is pressed. I also loved the general feel of this keyboard after using a keyboard with Red switches I forgot how much I loved the clicky feeling of the Blue during gaming, the tactile feedback really does make the keys feel more like traditional buttons during gaming.

While I didn’t use the macro keys in gaming much since I mostly play action and FPS games you could easily program button combos with this keyboard to help in fighting and RTS games.

One other nice feature is that Gamdias uses optical switches instead of normal mechanical switches on the P2 and while it feels exactly like a normal mechanical keyboard (it is still technically a mechanical keyboard) the use of light to activate a key press means there are less moving parts leading to a longer lifespan, the possibility to customize how far you need to press in order to register a key press (not currently supported in the software) as well as the possibility for analog style input since optical keyboards can register partal presses instead of just off and on. unfortunately, the analog style input isn’t supported by any Gamdias software from what I can tell but the hardware needed is technically there so hopefully it can be added in.

Overall this keyboard performs extremely well during gameplay, the key travel isn’t too far so pressing keys quickly is no issue and but it’s still far enough to prevent accidental key presses. The keys and switches also feel sturdy so they should last a really long time.

The macro customization means you can have things like a rapid-fire button where you program multiple mouse clicks to one key or have complicated key combos programmed into one key for RTS games.


Now, let’s move onto the final score and conclusion!

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