Gamdias Hermes P2 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review

Other features

While a lot of this review was dedicated to the software the actual keyboard does have a few features of its own worth talking about.



The P2 features rubber tipped kickstands on the left and right sides of the keyboard lets you add a slight bit of tilt when using you want it. While kickstands are pretty common on almost all keyboards it is still nice to have and they are rubberized adding a ton of grip, I didn’t have any issues with this keyboard sliding around during use even when I forcibly pushed up on the keyboard.

The added tilt also goes well with the included wrist rest by causing the wrist rest to lean into you.

Wrist Rest

The P2 does come with a wrist rest which is a huge plus for me since it adds support when gaming and typing but one thing worth mentioning is that the wrist rest is permanently attached. While this isn’t a problem for me some people may want to use the keyboard without the wrist rest for some things and with for other but you can’t do that here. Also while the wrist rest is nice it is made out of a hard plastic with no added padding at all so it does help with support but it doesn’t really add much for comfort.


Dust and Spill Resistance

One other durability feature is the advertised dust and spill resistance and while testing dust resistance may be a bit difficult I can easily test the spill resistance by pouring some water on the P2.

While I didn’t do anything crazy I poured a glass of water over the P2 and let it dry for a few hours before plugging it back to simulate what you would do if you spilled a drink onto the keyboard… And it still works! So you should be good to go if you accidentally spill something on this keyboard just don’t go swimming with it.


N Key Rollover

While N key rollover should be expected at this price point it does work well. I managed to press as many keys as my hands could cover at the same time and each key was properly typed in on my computer screen.


MISC Features

The P2 also has a couple of unique features one that I love like having the windows key on the opposite side of the space bar, while this may not seem like that big of a deal it has kept me from accidentally closing out games by pressing it and its way more convenient than locking the windows key using a button combo and then having to unlock it before you can use the windows key again. I personally wish all gaming keyboard would put the windows key on the right side because nothing is worse than getting killed in a game because you accidentally went back to windows.


You can also switch the WASD and arrow keys by pressing FN and F4, what this does is make the UP LEFT DOWN RIGHT arrows type WASD and the WASD will type UP LEFT DOWN RIGHT. While this seems like a feature almost no one will use I could see it being useful if you’re playing a game that also uses the number pad since the arrow keys are closer.


The P2 also has some hardware control for the lighting so even if the Hera software doesn’t work you can at least do something with the lights. While you don’t have as many options as the software you can still change the color as well as choose a few animations for the lighting.

Overall this keyboard does include a lot of great features like the windows key being moved over. I do wish the wrist rest was removable for added customizability but that’s a pretty minor gripe.


Volume Scroll Wheel

The P2 also has a scroll wheel for turning the volume up, down or off. The wheel is made out of metal and feels really good to use with notice steps while scrolling so you know when a command has been activated, you can also click the scroll wheel to mute all sounds which feel really good too. While a volume wheel isn’t earth-shatteringly cool or anything it’s still nice to have and it performs well.


Overall I rate the features of this keyboard 4.5/5. While everything it does I would expect out of a $130 keyboard it still has a ton of features.

You can pick up the reviewed product here on Amazon for $123 –


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