ASRock X570 Creator Motherboard Review


I didn’t encounter any issues with installation. Everything was all good. With no RGB onboard …the motherboard looks very modest when powered up. But no worries … if you really want RGB … there’s plenty of RGB headers on the motherboard.

For our tests, we used the Adata XPG SX7000 M.2 SSD. It only supports PCIE 3.0 but nevertheless, it should give us enough performance. Once the M.2 SSD is installed, there’s no easy way of accessing it … unless you remove the whole graphics card. Mind you, this true for all M.2 SSD installation 😛



The BIOS main page on the X570 Creator now comes in a blue color rather than usual red from ASRock’s other motherboards. You’ll find all the options for adjusting CPU, memory speeds and voltages. For our tests, we left the CPU settings to default AUTO at 3.6GHz. But surprisingly, when we the Windows 10 system would auto boost the speed to 4.3GHz during load. 

You can also enable/disable various onboard devices and well as monitoring the motherboard/system health. We were able to turn on the XMP profile option for our memory, allowing the GEIL Super Luce DDR4-3600 to run at full speed. 


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