BIOSTAR B360GT5S Motherboard Review

Conclusion and Verdict

I won’t hide I’m wasn’t expecting so much of BIOSTAR B360GT5S. It’s better motherboard that we could expect looking at the product itself. I guess all should read motherboard’s features and specification as we may miss something important. BIOSTAR described all well on the website and it’s really helpful for potential users.

The motherboard performs well and everything works as described by the manufacturer. The B360GT5S is inexpensive but a feature-rich product which should satisfy gamers and all other users who don’t really need higher chipset.

I can’t find the B360GT5S on the Amazon global website but it’s available in the UK store for as low as £131.74 ( All who take a closer look at the specification and features will agree it’s a good deal.
  • High performance
  • Possibility to manually set DDR4-2666
  • High-quality audio
  • Reasonable price
  • RGB LEDs and easy to manage software


  • Could have a WiFi+Bluetooth option
Final words:

If you are looking for a base for your new gaming PC then I recommend taking a look at the B360GT5S. It’s really interesting motherboard which at first look offers less than we could expect. Our tests are showing that this motherboard performs great and is fully stable during long work. There are also no issues with BIOS or software what happens to the competitive products.

Funky Kit recommends BIOSTAR B360GT5S as a great motherboard for inexpensive, but well-performing gaming PC!


You can buy the BIOSTAR B360GT5S Motherboard from various retailers including Amazon for around USD $90.


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