BIOSTAR G300 240GB SSD Review

Thanks to BIOSTAR, we’ll be taking a quick look at their G300 SSD 240GB which is currently bundled with their Z270GT6 motherboard. You can purchase it separately through your local retailers. 

Aimed at the entry-level to mainstream market, this SSD should offer excellent value for money. Although the package or the specifications did not mention it, we found out that the BIOSTAR G300 utilizes the Silicon Motion SM2256K SSD Controller, sitting on a 6 layer PCB. It has 256Mb of onboard DDR3 cache, and offers a maximum read performance of 550MB/s with a write speed of 480MB/s.

Over the past year or so, BIOSTAR has been aggressively pushing their new line of products on to the ever competitive market. We now see BIOSTAR motherboards for gaming, overclocking, and mining for both Intel and AMD platforms. But wait, we’re not finished … we also now have BIOSTAR graphic cards, mini PCs, gaming accessories and now of course, SSDs.


Here’s a little blurb about BIOSTAR taken from their website …

In 1980,the IT industry was growing at a phenomenal rate. With wide experience in buying and selling electronic parts as well as researching on future demands for mainboards and add-on cards , the founder of BIOSTAR GROUP,established BIOSTAR MICROTECH INTERNATIONAL CORP in 1986.

In the early years, BIOSTAR concentrated on the manufacture of mainboards built for XT form factor. To maintain steady business growth, BIOSTAR managed to keep a large portion of its capital and manpower invested on the design and development of new products, which at the same time has enabled it to stay competitive in the rapid evolution of the computer industry.


BIOSTAR has enriched its competence in the design and manufacture of products such as add-on cards, multi-media and system products to develop the market and meet the demands of customers for more integrated solutions. In order to expand its capacity to meet customer demand globally, BIOSTAR was the first to establish a manufacturing facility in China in 1990. In 1998, its sales revenues exceeded US$130 million and it ranked 227th among the top 1000 enterprises in Taiwan. Furthermore,BIOSTAR obtained an ISO 9001 certification in 1999 and became a publicly listed company in the same year. BIOSTAR’s future has limitless possibilities.


One of its main selling points is its size. This 2.5″ SSD is ultra-slim, with a thickness of only 6.8mm. What’s more, BIOSTAR claims it comes with a Shockproof Design … not sure if we really want to test that part 😉

It will be interesting to see how the BIOSTAR G300 SSD will perform. Armed with a Silicon Motion SM2256K SSD Controller, I’m expecting the performance to be more than acceptable. Let’s move on and check out the specifications on the next page.

Buy the BIOSTAR G300 240GB SSD (bundled with Z270GT6 motherboard) from Newegg for only USD $155 !


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