SSUPD Meshroom-S SFF PC Case Review

SSUPD is already a popular brand among computer enthusiasts due to its Meshilicious series, which introduced a full-mesh design in an SFF PC case. The Meshroom-S, which we will take a look at in this review, was released a couple of months ago and is still a fairly new PC case series. Even though the product name didn’t change, the retail version available in stores is already a second, improved revision of this product. Exactly the same version you will see in our review.

After the specifications and features section, I will share my thoughts about the Meshroom-S, and there is a lot to describe. We will also show you an example build with the Alphacool custom loop and the new Core 1 CPU cooler.

Meshroom S is a highly versatile and compact PC case with only 14.9L volume and full mesh design, which provides excellent ventilation and cooling for even the most demanding components. Despite of its small size, Meshroom S features multiple installation layouts cater to the needs for ATX/MATX motherboard, GPU up to 353mm (with 3cm aluminum feet). For custom loop enthusiasts, the pre-arranged space fulfill the need of dual radiator with a ddc pump.

Key Features:

  • large GPU support: compatible with 4-slot GPU
  • Fully prepared for configuration of dual radiator plus a DDC pump
  • Versatility build: support ITX/ MATX/ ATX motherboard
  • Extreme fine mesh panel in 1.5mm aperture on all sides with ultra ventilation


Support Up to ATX motherboard
Experience the unique layout for ATX/ MATX motherboard without compromising.

Easy access for a custom loop
Featuring a dual radiator custom loop water-cooling design and assuring with a DDC pump simultaneously

Flexible storage

  • Allow for up to two HDDs at the same time
  • Support three 2.4” SSD with full-length GPU

Supply from all power
Choose your power supply size from SFX up to ATX (170mm at most)

Stronger Ventilation

  • Nature ventilation through all-around full mesh panels
  • Support up to 2 x 140mm fan in the front and a 120mm slim fan on the top
  • Two Extra 60mm fans installation capacity at the rear position

Generous GPU flexibility
Room for a GPU up to 4 slot, 353mm in length, 152mm in length. Compatible with SFF GPU in 211mm length


You can buy the SSUPD Meshroom-S for around USD $169 from Amazon –


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