Streacom DA2 V2 (Black) ITX Chassis Review

For the first time, I have in my hands a Streacom product, and I’m glad it’s a DA2 V2 ITX chassis, as I’m a fan of small form factor builds, especially those supporting higher performance components. The product website with a detailed description gave me high expectations, and I can already admit that I’m not disappointed but won’t share more in the introduction. I hope this review will present to you how much to offer has the DA2 V2 chassis.

As usual, I won’t stick with standard PC components so expect something over the top, at least considering it’s still an ITX size chassis.

Streacom is no stranger to the small form factor (SFF) PC case, it’s been a focus since day one, even going so far as to develop our own NanoPSU, which was an essential component in reducing the size down to the absolute minimum. This resulted in extremely compact cases such as the F1C which measures just 197x 197x77mm, a volume of just 3ℓ, but with such a compact design comes limitations. Beyond the requirement for a custom PSU, compromises such as reduced CPU cooler size, low end or no discreet graphics card, limited storage, lack of water cooling, and restrictive fan cooling, all resulting in complicated builds, lower performance, and higher operating temperatures.

We are not alone in trying to compress the footprint, there have been admirable attempts by other manufacturers to optimize the layout and space which has created some incredibly compact cases that still offer close to full-size desktop performance. Unfortunately, they too suffer from component limitations and relatively challenging builds. They also gravitate towards a somewhat uninspiring and generic oblong box design which is an unfortunate but understandable consequence of focussing on size optimization, and the pursuit of the title “world’s smallest gaming case”.

With all this in mind, we drafted our mission ….. to create an SFF case (under 20ℓ) which would by definition be compact and therefore space-efficient, but also component friendly and incredibly versatile, without sacrificing the element of design. Of course, being a Streacom product, design and quality would be part of its DNA, but this time with extra emphasis on supporting a wide range of standard components and build choices.

So here it is, the fruits of our labor, the DA2 ….. it won’t win any prizes for being the smallest case on the market, but it does set a new benchmark in terms of size vs compatibility and versatility.


You can buy the black version of the Streacom DA2 V2 chassis for around €259 in the Amazon DE store –


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