CES 2020: Creative Labs – X3 SXFi USB Amp, SXFi Headphones, Bluetooth SXFi AIR, Trio Earbuds

Creative Labs is making a huge comeback at this year’s CES. They have a load of new headphones, earbuds with SXFi technology, including am external USB Amp perfect for gamers on PC, Xbox or Playstation.

We entered one of their demo rooms to experience their SXFi technology … and boy, what an experience it was! With the headset on, the audio produced was wide and expansive, giving you a full surround sound experience as if you never had the headphones on! The Creative Stage 2.1 sound bar also very impressive and comes certified with Dolby ATMOS.

Next, we have the Sound Blaster G3 Portable Plug-and-Play USB-C DAC Amp for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, or Mac. There’s also the Sound Blaster AE7, which is a hi-res PCI-e DAC and Amp sound card with Xamp discrete headphone Bi-amp and audio control module.

And star of the show is the Sound Blaster X3 – a hi-Res 7.1 external USB DAC and Amp sound card with Super X-Fi® for PC and Mac.

We also saw 2 wired headphones, the Aurvana SE and the Planar, both come with SXFi technology.

And of course, we have the wireless version … the Creative SXFI AIR, a bluetooth and USB headphones with built-In Super X-Fi technology for personalized audio holography. And finally the Creative SXFI Trio in-earbuds comes with triple drivers and Super XFi technology!

I’m really looking forward in seeing some new and exciting audio products from Creative Labs this year … watch out for some reviews coming soon …


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