InWin at CES 2020 – Diéy and Creator Chassis, SR36 and SR24 AIO

First off, I would like to take a quick second and say thank you to InWin for taking the time and showing us around the their booth at CES 2020. We had a chance to meet a couple of the great people that make this brand what it is today. The first thing we noticed and just had to get more info on was the butterfly looking thing on a 7 foot stand. This thing was definitely a show stopper. It moved, lit up like a Christmas tree, and reacted to a multitude of commands. Yes if you really wanted one InWin could accommodate for the right price! wink, wink… Throughout the tour we were able to see the products up close and personal and not-a-one was a disappointment. Below you find pictures and greater detail of what we have coming from InWin this year so far! Hopefully we will have a few of these great products in our hands so we can give you guys a in depth review of the items! So stay tuned and keep a look out for when that time comes! Until then, enjoy the article below!



InWin ‘Diéy’ 10th Generation Signature Edition Chassis

At CES 2020, InWin will announce its latest 10th Generation Signature Edition PC Chassis, Diéy (“Butterfly”). InWin’s Signature Edition Chassis designs have pushed the boundaries of the PC building community. Diéy is proudly recognized as a CES 2020 Innovation Award Honoree in the Computer Hardware & Component category. Diéy creates a stunning transforming PC; with 80 Ocean Blue scales that move and illuminate, hosts a built-in projector and a built-in AI that recognizes natural interactions through facial detection, voice and hand gesture control. Experience the new Diéy first at CES 2020

InWin 215, 216 and C200 Creator

With six 3.5’’ HDD trays and two 2.5’’ SSD mounting spaces, the C200 Creator is ideal for professional content creators that require plenty of local storage space and a smart, discrete outward design. The 5.25’’ optical drive bays can be exchanged for two or three front-accessible hot-swap bays, for quick and convenient transfer of ultra-large files in a studio. Meanwhile, the InWin 215 and 216 provide visual variety in a chassis built for everyone; with a mix of great styling options, superb cooling potential and user-friendly features.


InWin SR36 and SR24 AIO liquid coolers

The SR36 and SR24 All-In-One (AIO) CPU liquid coolers feature a patented, “twin turbine” pump where both operate simultaneously to apply parallel pressure to the copper cold-plate. Combined with high performance, micro-channel fin radiators and specially designed high-static pressure AJF120 fans, the SR-series offers high-performance and ultra-reliable CPU cooling solutions for enthusiasts and gamers.


InWin AJ120 ‘high flow optimized’ ARGB cooling fans

The AJ120 is a high-performance case fan that mixes high airflow, low-noise design with soft-glow ARGB LED lighting. It uses a unique 7-blade design that generates over 70 CFM and 2.62mm/H2O air pressure at maximum performance. Other features include a 4-pin intelligent PWM control with wide speed range, built-in vibration-proof mounting pads and daisy-chain support for power, control and ARGB lighting cables, greatly simplifying cable management.


InWin B1 mini-ITX PC chassis

Featuring a beautifully curved design, the tiny B1 is a desk showpiece whether standing vertically or horizontally. The outer rings encircle all sides except the rear I/O, cleverly hiding the ventilation areas, meanwhile, the tinted tempered glass cover provides a view of the mini-ITX internals. It’s ideal for stylish office PCs, HTPCs or for light gaming. The B1 comes pre-installed with a 200W, 80 Plus Gold certified PSU.


About InWin

“InWin Development Inc. is a technical company that specializes in designing and manufacturing computer chassis, server chassis, power supplies, IPC products and tech accessories. Founded in 1985, InWin is a leading innovator of enclosure solutions to system integrators worldwide. InWin develops high quality products and adheres to all safety regulations. Our slogan “Contemporary and Innovative” has served the InWin brand for over 30 years. It is through this simple, yet impactful statement that has and will continue to empower our strategy to provide our customers with a unique experience each time they possess an InWin product. Our passion fuels our creativity.”


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