CES 2020: Patriot – VPR100 RGB SSD, VP4100 Gen4x4 SSD, V380 Headset and RGB Software

At this year’s CES, Patriot showcased their new line of M.2 SSDs including the VPR100, which is Patriot’s first RGB M.2 SSD with capacity of upto 2TB. We also got to see their new software in action, which allow users to control their RGB lighting effects on their Patriot products. Currently works for their RAM and VPR100, but we’ve also been assured that their other products like keyboard, mice and headsets could be added later this year.

And of course the star of the show … the VP4100 which is their latest NVMe PCIe Gen4x4 SSD. It uses the latest Phison E16 series controller and supports capacity of up to 2TB. Read speeds can reach a staggering 5000MB/sec, with write speed reaching 4400MB/sec. 

Another top product which we’ve been seeing a lot over the past 6 months are external SSDs. With “creator” being the big theme for 2020 … content creators like to have fast external storage that’s compact and easy to use. Patriot show off their PXD (USB-C) and EVOLVR 2 (Thunderbolt 3 connection).

And of course we see the usual 2.5″ SATA SSDs. There two new models the P210 and P220 which offer large capacities of up to 4TB.

Patriot was proud to demo their recent achievement for breaking one of those memory records. 12 sticks of 8GB DDR4-4000 in Hexa-Channel mode, with one of the lowest timings I’ve seen 14-14-14-28.

We also saw the “refresh” of their flagship gaming keyboard, the V770. This time round it comes with a detachable wrist rest with RGB! A 3.5mm headphone jack on the right side of the keyboard and a USB pass port on the other side.

Nothing new in the mice department. We’ve already seen the Viper V570 gaming mouse, which we’ve reviewed here. There’s also the V550 mouse which was launched mid-2019.

And of course, life would be same without with a little RGB. The demo system sports the VPR100 RGB SSD, along with Viper RGB DDR4 ram. The RGB lighting effects were all controlled by their new software.

Here we have the VP4100 NVMe PCIe Gen4x4 SSD in action. Check out the speeds! BTW, you’ll need a X570 motherboard and a minimum of a AMD Ryzen 7 or 5 series processor (Matisse core).

And finally, we have the latest Viper V380 gaming headset, featuring large over ear ear-cups, memory foam headband, detachable mic with environment noise cancelling, RGB lighting effects, and the usual mute, LED on/off and volume controls. And if you have such a nice headset … you’ll need a headset stand too 😉


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