Mod-my-Box: Project Inverse by Steven G

Installation Part 1

In the planning stage I had to choose a case that would have enough space for the water-cooling radiators as well as being a case that would look good. I decided to stay with Lian Li as they make fantastic aluminium cases which are relatively easy to modify to house the equipment I needed.

I found a fan grill design on the internet that I like which was adapted and incorporated into the roof of the case which would act as a radiator grill for the 480 (4x120mm fan) Radiator from The Feser Company, something a bit different from the conventional straight lines seen on a lot of cases even my previous one. To fit even more cooling into the pc I had the hard drive cage shortened and moved rearward to allow fitment of a 240 (2x120mm fan) Radiator in the front of the case.

After this was done I had motherboard cuts added to the motherboard tray to allow better cable management. After all of this work was carried out the whole case was sent to be powder coated, white on the exterior and black on the interior.


Bare case

As I had been inspired by the MurderMod case I decided to buy my power supply, the Silverstone ST1000 as the 100% Modular design allowed me to easily braid the cables using single wires which I think looks amazing. Nearly 50m of braiding and 3 custom made cables later I had a fully braided power supply customised to fit my case using my components.



Custom made SATA power cable for hard drives

On receipt of the case I installed my fans and radiators, Yate Loon High Speed 2000rpm fans which had also been braided to match the power supply. Once I had the fans in place I had to find a suitable place to install the T-Balancer BIGNG Fan Controller, this is a software programmed automatic fan controller which would allow me to setup a temperature curve so that the fan speed would increase with the temperature inside the case as the components were loaded.


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