Mod-my-Box: Project Inverse by Steven G


Once the pc was complete it was time for some testing. First of all I had to find a stable over clock for my CPU. I decided that I didn’t need anything over 4GHz so decided to stay at this speed, I simply changed the BCLK to 200 and the voltage of the CPU to 1.36 to achieve stability. This voltage could possibly be lowered; I haven’t had a lot of time to play with the settings to get lower temps at 4GHz.

While over clocking I found that the T-Balancer BIGNG controller wasn’t properly configured, I have temperature sensors installed in both radiators between the fins and one in the middle of the case, the fans corresponding to the radiator with the sensor were adjusted to be silent at under 5v when the case was cool and the pc was idle. I finally found a curve that worked which allowed me to have a near silent pc when watching movies and a relatively cool pc when I was playing games and stressing the components.



Final Words

This project was my most time consuming and expensive project to date and I think it shows, the time spent braiding every wire within the pc was defiantly worth it.



I hope that I can inspire some other system builders out there to look into water cooling and braiding to produce an amazing looking and performing pc.

From all of the pictures I have taken of the PC I think this is my favourite. Thanks for reading.
Steven Graham (StevenG)



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